as she wandered up from the lake to the clothes line with her wet towel and bikini in hand she wondered how it was possible that water so cold could be so invigorating… no matter.

while she hung her things on the line she admired the old school clothes pegs, so stiff and tight, not like those ones today that barely held together in a gentle breeze. she noticed, as she finished, that there were two more than were needed right that second and she dropped the spares into her pocket for later.

not, mind you, before she had tested each of them for tightness and grip and exchanged the spares for the stiffest ones on the line.

she wondered as she looked in to the house if they had noticed her try all the pegs, if they wondered at all what she might be doing. doubtful, they seemed engrossed by their post dinner cleanup and she might have been invisibile for all of the notice that they appeared to be taking.

she wandered casually toward the bathroom, happy that they were all chattering together and paying no attention to her. she decided to both set the pegs and change into clothing that would allow her to wear them for some time to come.

in the bathroom she urinated quickly and then reached down to clip her tender folds before she stood and replaced her pants. a shaft of pain rewarded her and she gasped and twitched and then adjusted the peg somewhat to dull the pain enough that she could move.

entering her guest bedroom she removed her clothing without securing the curtains against the man next door and quickly clipped the remaining peg to her nipple. another gasp, another readjustment and she stood, pain and pleasure coursing through her equally, contemplating her wardrobe for the evening.

there, those pants because they hung just low enough that they could fondle the peg as she wished. reaching down she tapped the peg in question a few times, her reward tingles of pain and pleasure radiating through her core.

she gasped as she bent to retrieve them, captured nipple reminding her of it’s presence. she paused a moment to tap it’s peg a few times and again delicious pain radiated from it.

she stood, quivering, for a moment and then in one fluid motion she had a loose sweat shirt on. not sexy but certainly good for covering as long as she stayed outside.

she reached down and waved the fabric over her engorged nipple, blood rushing to the tip and unable to leave as it swelled inside the peg. each brush of her shirt sent another frisson through her and she swayed a little on her feet.

wondering she walked a small circle in place, each step jiggling the peg attached to her nether folds and pinching her clitoris. the pain was exquisite.

exquisite yes, but clearly too painful for her to walk with.

biting her lip she wavered a little, playing with her pants as she thought and then, decided, she reached down and unclipped the peg and in one quick motion attached it to her other nipple.

she was lucky they were in the other end of the house, gasps like that would get her caught if she wasn’t careful.

the blood rushing back to her button had her utterly forgetting the open curtains, her well lit room, and the neighbouring cottage not forty feet away. she fell back onto the bed and pushed her pants down over her hips simultaneously.

anyone outside would see a woman, clothes pegs attached to her nipples, back arched on the bed, feet flat on the floor and glistening folds opening for anyone to see as her body rushed lubrication to her nether regions.

quickly she reached down and gave herself some quick and thrusting friction with two of her fingers as her other hand opened and released the pegs on her nipples.

she moaned, legs opening wider, imaginary (or real?) neighbour with his hand in his pants now, standing in his darkened basement and stroking himself as he watched her.

her breath coming in pants now as she alternately released and recaptured her tortured nipples, pain and pleasure line blurring as she again released a nipple only to recapture her labia and clitoris.

she almost howled at the sensation, only her bare awareness of her hosts in the other room keeping her to small moans and wildly gyrating pelvis.

ignoring her mons for the moment she tweaked and teased her newly released nipple, little shocks running through her core as she did so, juice dripping from her cunt down to her asshole and on to the bed.

quickly she released her clitoris again, clipping her ever more sensitized nipple with the slippery peg. her hand, back between her legs now, rubbing and stroking and circling harder and faster as she bucked on the bed, imaginary neighbour coming all over her face now as he shot and shot, liquid dripping onto her breasts as she moaned again and gave a small cry.

faster and faster went her hand against her mons, the one with the pegs torturing her nipples until she couldn’t tell pain from pleasure and her body was filled with tremors and tingles, shock waves beginning deep in her center as her imaginary audience gasped and pressed his overheated face to the window.

widening her legs further she added another finger and was merciless with her clitoris, running it hard and fast until with one solid thrust her pelvis ground into the bed and her whole body erupted into wave after wave of glorious pleasure.

pleasure tainted and increased by the pain in her nipples as her other hand continued moving the pegs a little bit each time.

dazed she lay a moment, stunned to realise that the whole event had taken no more than a few minutes and that her arousal was returning already.

leaving the pegs by the bed for later she left the room and it’s rank odor of incredibly aroused female and went out to rejoin her companions.

28 Responses to “pegs”

  1. dorothy Says:

    This story reminds me of my actual experiences as an online slave, when my master instructed me to attach pegs to my vaginal lips with cords, the other ends of which were tied to my big toes.I then had to put on my clothes(jeans and sweater) and go out for a walk. Of course, every step made the pegs pull at my labia. It was agony

    • Evgeny Says:

      Frank, thanks for your notes. I think all your pontis are valid. The only issue is what and how you use in real time scenario.Nice tut! Thanks so much for the great info. I was wondering this post,I like the idea Stephanie. I wonder if there wouldn’t be another, even more elegant solution.

  2. bad influence girl Says:

    oh wow. was it good agony or not so good agony?

    did you find yourself sopping wet before you took three steps?


  3. dorothy Says:

    I was wet at the thought of it even before I stepped out of the door. My task was to go to the nearest shopping centre and try and walk around as normal. My pussy was burning before I even reached the shops. I managed somehow to complete my instructions though, but my vagina was in agony by the time I returned home. I was also dripping with juices. I had to bathe the swollen lips of my vagina. I took a photo of it and sent it to my master. Dorothy

  4. bad influence girl Says:

    i don’t know if i could manage that honestly. but it might depend on the pegs. like the pegs from this story were super strong and would probably have injured me. something slightly more reasonable now i could have worn half the night.

    that said, i bet the healing of your lips kept you even more aroused for several days afterward… least that happens to me. if a nipple gets ‘overused’ then every time it gets brushed it gets me hot because it hurts just enough to remind me.

  5. Sunny Says:

    This reminds me of a conversation I had some years ago with a phone-sex op. No, I wasn’t one of her clients. We had met on the internet, much as you and I have, and got talking about her work.

    Anyway, she mentioned that sometimes her clients sent her stuff, and one of the things she’d been given was a set of vibrating nipple clamps.

    I had no idea that women’s nipples vibrated so much that they needed clamping.

  6. bad influence girl Says:

    fair enough, i’ve met people with some crazy jobs including ‘live in a big brother style home only naked and pornographic and get paid for it’ *grin*

    every time i read this comment i crack up. i’ve read it like four times and i’m still cracking up.

    i didn’t either! i must have gotten defective nipples or something.

    *giggling madly*

  7. dorothy Says:

    Inflicting pain on my genitals and nipples is something that I do to arouse sexual feelings, but the extra buzz that I get knowing that I am doing it for a complete stranger is even more exciting. To give the most sensitive parts of your body for someone else`s amusement is mind-blowing. Dorothy

  8. bad influence girl Says:

    yeah dorothy i do that too, i think not to the extent that you do but i really did this story and then wrote it, i didn’t just make it up. i really wish i’d stolen those pegs, they were perfect for nipple teasing.

    hunh… that seems similar to the buzz i get knowing that *anyone* can be reading my smut…only more targeted. maybe i’ll try your idea sometime too…

  9. dorothy Says:

    Actually, I did not use pegs. Instead, I used crocodile clips which hurt a lot more than pegs.As I was doing all this without my husband knowing, I had to keep my nipples and pussy lips hidden from him as best I could

    • Vanessa Says:

      Truly.In 2011, 23 Minnesota women died from domestic venoilce and at least 4 children died from domestic venoilce. In addition, 6 family members/friends died and 1 man died as well from domestic venoilce. A brief synopsis of each woman and child’s death was included in the report. Of the 23 domestic venoilce deaths, 12 were due to gunshot injuries. [emphasis mine]Apparently, the right kind of victim doesn’t include children killed by domestic venoilce, much less men or family members/friends *. Despicable. She is just an evil woman.* What the heck is the point of that distinction, anyway? They’re still dead, and it’s still domestic venoilce.

  10. bad influence girl Says:

    oh my oh my oh my oh my!


    just how good did that hurt?

    if your husband noticed i guess you couldn’t tell him you were experimenting with pain play huh?

    • Natalis Says:

      I just read most of your blog. I am smiling thiinkng how this internet can also be viewed as good or bad. We need to choose what we read and what we allow oueselves to take in.I also share the thought that I am not good enough when ever things just don’t go right. I take responsibility for things that I am not responsible for and that I cannot heal. And there goes the good and the bad concept again. Its amazing the lengths we’ll go to to be accepted. The last thing we seem willing to do is accept ourselves. Once we accept ourselves, the good and the bad, others will accept us too. There is nothing better than someone who respects and feels good about herself. You grow up the day you have the first real laugh at yourself.Thanks for not being afraid to share the shadows and the light.Love and Peace, Donna

  11. dorothy Says:

    If I had told him that I was experimenting with pain play, I would have been afraid that I may have said too much and revealed my involvement with an online master.I am trying to educate him into thinking of S&M and he has said that he might cane my bottom someday, so I guess that`s a start.

  12. bad influence girl Says:

    ah fair enough. it’s nice that he’s at least willing to explore a little. i know a few woman who are incredibly frustrated because their husbands won’t go anywhere near any kind of pain play.

    perhaps if you started with bondage he would be more willing because he wouldn’t be ‘hurting’ you?

  13. dorothy Says:

    He already enjoys tying me up, but only for the purpose of having sex, or to film me tied up. He likes to do that a lot. I will just have to keep throwing out hints.

  14. bad influence girl Says:

    mmmmmmmmm bondage

    buy him screw the roses and a flogger for christmas? i’m kidding but i’m not on that one.

    if he likes to film you you could make a tape of yourself for him with some pain in it?

  15. dorothy Says:

    Good idea. I will try that. Afew pegs on my nipples and pussy ehould do to start with. I`ll let you know whhat happens. It may take a while to set up as I will have to wait until he goes out

  16. bad influence girl Says:

    excellent, i look forward to hearing about the results. i suspect that seeing you so aroused in a tape you’ve made for him as a gift might have excellent repercussions.

    i hope so anyway!

    • Diana Says:

      Nah, I belong in the kchiten baking with flour all over my face. Cookies anyone? ;)Don’t worry I helped out. I just have a fascination with picking up the camera anytime I think a moment is interesting.I’ll let him tell you about the time I lifted over 100lbs of drywall over 20 times up a couple of flights of stairs. THAT was fun. Wish I would have had a vlog then

    • Roxana Says:

      The wooden sekfwlaons are really cute… oh and the jingle bells. I bought some of the wooden hearts when you last had some, but I haven’t used them yet, they’re too precious, I keep looking at them wondering what awesome thing I could use them for…

  17. Supercock Says:

    What a fabulous image, very horny now!

  18. dorothy Says:

    If you want to see some photos or videos of me, send me an e-mail. Dorothy

  19. bad influence girl Says:

    funnily enough i am too supercock,

    dorothy you could even make a little series and sort of amp it up a little each time… then you can control the speed of his exposure so to speak… :)

  20. dorothy Says:

    Good news! I have persuaded him to give my bottom a caning. It certainly made me yelp. What is more, he videod it. I think he was as turned on as me

  21. bad influence girl Says:


    that’s FANTASTIC!

    oh darlin’ i’m so glad for you… this is a really good step in the right direction…

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