review: we vibe

you know how sometimes you desperately WANT to like something?

you read all the reviews and all the descriptions and you think it’s going to have to be one of the greatest things ever?  you’re expecting original star wars and you get attack of the clones?

that’s how i feel about the we-vibe.  everybody from always aroused girl to sex with sue johanson thinks this thing is the greatest thing ever and i?  i can’t stand it.

i want to like it, i especially want to like it since the fine folks at libida haven’t complained at all that i’ve had it for nearly two months with no review in sight.  i want to like it because it’s a great concept and yet?

okay let me take a step back.  the we-vibe is a u shaped toy with each end shaped like a teardrop.  each teardrop is a little vibrator, one for inside and one for your clit.  furthermore it’s rechargeable.  genius right?

a vibrator that isn’t a cock ring that’s designed to be used both in and out AND designed to be used while having sex or using a penetrative toy and it stays where you put it.  what’s not to like?

well the controls to start with.  this thing has two speeds fast and not as fast.  the controls are at the tip of the fatter of the two teardrops.  picture the head of a snake and the eyes are little controls and the mouth receives the charger.

so the idea is there is some kind of slider inside the eyes and you press one side for not-so-fast and press the other for fast. press one eye for slow and then the other to turn it off, press second side again for fast.  reverse for fast to slow. this is where the toy totally lost me.  once it’s all lubed up?  if you can control this thing when it’s covered with lube or girl juice you have far more nimble fingers than i!

i was seriously reaching down there into the sopping mess that was my unsatisfied pussy and trying and trying to change the speed and i never did manage to figure out what the correct angle was.  i could turn it off but i don’t think i could have turned it back on in fewer than ten tries if you offered me a hundred thousand dollars.

for real.  and i had trouble with it even dry and just trying it while sitting at my desk.

i managed to come once and i tested the toy three times.  by the third time i literally wanted to write a twelve word review: great toy if it costs 12 bucks, not so much at 124.  don’t bother leaving it charged either, it doesn’t store a charge for long.  (part of the reason this review has taken so long)

i do feel obliged to mention yet again that everyone else who has tried it seems to love it and i further must mention that if you want to sit at your desk and read porn or tease yourself for a good long time before coming then this is a great toy.

i can further see how it would really enhance penetrative sex if you needed just a little help for coming or your partner liked the feeling of vibrations on his cock.  i think it might even be spectacular for two women who were playing with each other prior to getting ‘down to business’ as it were.

it’s just that no matter what i do i cannot make myself like it, just can’t.

so *i* give this toy a three out of ten but again will mention that the average net review i saw was about a nine.  so i’d go read another review if i were you!

9 Responses to “review: we vibe”

  1. dominadoll Says:

    Too bad this toy sucked for you. Did you try it with a partner? Perhaps it may have worked better if used as intended? I just reviewed the Snugglepuss last week and like you was extremely disappointed by it, despite excellent reviews by others. It just didn’t do a thing for me. I guess that’s why sex toys and reviews are so very subjective. Good luck with your next toy!

  2. badinfluencegirl Says:

    domina i don’t currently HAVE a partner to try toys with. i did when i ordered it…

    i tried it with my vixen leo and it didn’t work well at all. i think it would work well with a real penis much more than with two pieces of silicone rubbing on each other… i wanted to like it soooo much

  3. dominadoll Says:

    I agree with you. I think the whole thing about this toy is using it with someone else, which makes it better than alone most likely. Sometimes a partner doesn’t work that well either lol! That’s why we keep back-ups like the Vixen Leo! I’ve been trying to get my s/o to play a Tantra game with me but he’s not game. I can’t imagine how it will go if I review it alone…

  4. badinfluencegirl Says:

    domina: thing is, even with someone else i’m not sure we could have made the controls work. i tried it dry and sitting up and still had a hell of a time. HATE being frustrated when i’m supposed to be having a good time!

    you can review it alone no problem, just put a condom on the dildo (my trick for using silicone lube on silicone toys :)

  5. happyboy Says:

    i bought a we-vibe for a partner of mine and we were both happy with it. there were definitely some issues – its difficult to manipulate the control when its lubed up (small price to pay imo), it made both of us sore from having too much sex with it over the course of a couple days, and in some positions it didn’t want to stay aligned over her clit.

    but i feel like it was money well-spent (75 US$) considering it made my girlfriend lose motor control and drool all over the the pillows a couple times.

    to be fair, this is the first vibrating toy designed to be used during intercourse for both ppl, so there may be better options out there… if so i’d love to hear about them!

    i was amazed how it felt and i just ordered another one for another friend of mine =)


  6. happyboy Says:


    to be fair, this is the first vibrating toy *that i’ve tried* that is designed to be used during intercourse for both ppl, so there may be better options out there… a specific model of vibrating cock ring or something… if so i’d love to hear about them!

    also, ours didn’t have any battery life issues, but i was careful to follow the instructions giving it a full 24 charge prior to using it.

    i was also impressed w the strength of the motor compared to a cheap $15 bullet vibrator.


  7. ThursdayGirl Says:

    I think the We-Vibe is a complete waste of money. We dropped $129 (plus tax) for it at our local sex-shop after hearing all the buzz about how awesome it was.
    We didnt have any issues with the off and on switch… that was pretty easy. We lubed it up and used it during intercourse… It never once hit my “G”Spot and to me the vibrations on the inside of my vagina are just annoying after a while. I like the tingly vibrations on my clit moreso I guess. And the part that rested on my clit didnt really wanna stay in the right place as we were having sex, it also rubbed too much and was just irritating more than anything.. Give me me old hand-held, corded vibrator anyday.. it does so much better and only cost me $12. One a brighter note, my man seemed to like the We-Vibe more than me.. I’m thinking a man must have invented this thing because as a woman, I’m just not getting it.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Seems that everyone is so busy talking about their flat batteries that they have not actually even had a chance to try out the toy. Our experience was not what we expected. We also bought this with great expectations. She tried it solo but it would not stay in (she is not large)but it would just slip out, even difficult to keep in any position while we are together, I am an average seven inches so not too big or too small. We also found it difficult to find any setting which really hit the spot for her. The C shape is too far apart and very floppy so that when inserted the clit part is up in the air no where near giving any pressure or touch to the clit. Tried it while making love but it was not comfortable (lubed as instructed) it felt like a hard piece of plastic in a place it should not be. So no, I agree with some of the other reviews, overpriced and definitely not all it is hyped up to be. Will be gathering dust in the drawer till one of us turfs it out in the trash.

  9. smexy Says:

    It’s a shame that you didn’t like the we-vibe, it *does* appear to be so popular at the mo. From what I’ve read in other comments, it seems rather ‘fiddly”. I most certainly don’t understand why this sex toy is so expensive!

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