sorry sorry sorry

it’s been such a long time since i had any good dating or sexual experiences that i am having a hard time feeling sexual enough to write smut or review toys.  i am, in fact, growing cobwebs on my girly bits.

and when i say cobwebs i mean just that.  i can’t remember the last time i tried to masturbate.  i reviewed some hitachi attachments for pink cherry toys in december but then i forgot to write the review and now, while i remember that i liked them, i have nothing concrete to say on their behalf.

i have some really hot ideas.  in one i’m a girl wearing a shirt that shows just a little more than expected.  in another a girl rides a boy in the best way she can and so on.  i have two toys to review and i’m sorry

i just can’t.

please check back, i will start writing here again i feel this to be true, but right now i need to do something.  wait for spring?  remember what a penis that is used by a man with skill feels like when you fuck it?  have a second or third date?  not date any more princesses?

i am still out there in the dating world although i’m not sure that i should be considering my total ennui with it all but well…

before you mention it i am aware that this sounds like depression.

that was in the fall.  this is… i just can’t write smut right now.

that said, i did find a very special girl to write toy reviews for me… so wait for those at least!


okay, i wrote something, hopefully that breaks the seal.

i love this blog and the people who visit it, don’t think i’m gone forever please!

17 Responses to “sorry”

  1. sf Says:

    Don’t worry, take your time… I’m still checking in :)

  2. Miss Patience Says:

    Me too!

  3. terry Says:

    sucks to lack inspiration. where ARE the good men??

  4. GrrlTragic Says:

    Everyone has lows luv, it happens. You’re only human. Stay shiny though and know that we’re here if you need a crutch ♥

  5. AmyS Says:

    I’m new to this blog – I’m sure you will get some good inspiration soon. Hang on in there!

  6. TheLeanansidhe Says:

    I am *so* with you on this. As I posted in my own blog recently, I have four or five partially completed posts sitting in my draft folder, a list of videos/photos sets/audios I want to do, and a bunch of emails I need to write, and.. nothing. I don’t feel sexy, sort of don’t want to be sexy, and just can’t quite figure out what’s going awry.

    Hang in.. it’ll cycle back.

  7. Shay Says:

    You can’t force it -I know how you feel too, my erotica is totally shelved until my life gets a whole lot less busy

  8. Staplerman Says:

    I understand exactly how you feel. Wants to write but not sure how to end. I turn to IRC to find inspirations too. And friends, uhh.. guys luh. I’m a guy btw.

    I do write but not many readers. Any tips?

  9. Inferno Says:

    Hopefully your inspiration will return soon.
    Spring is here… and that is often a great catalist.

    • Pomme Says:

      I look forward to reidang your BLOG;I pull it up almost every day. Sometimes I think of a response to something you posted while going through my day but I just don’t take the time to go back and leave a comment. I’ll work on that! Have a great weekend. Love, Vera

    • Says:

      Thought it wouldn’t to give it a shot. I was right.

    • Dontarrious Says:

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  10. A. Secret Says:

    Oh for fuck’s sake, not you too? ;-)
    Miss ya.

  11. Robert Fleming Says:

    I want to include some of your work in a collection of erotic stories based on blues themes. You know about loneliness, isolation, and angst. A Scottish publisher will publish the book next year. Contact me. Let’s talk.

    Thanks, Robert

  12. Unbroken Says:

    Wow…I’ve been away WAY too long. Are you still there?

    I know I get strength from writing…talk to us!!

  13. Howtogiveablowjob Says:

    Come back!! You have done so well!!

    Some very arousing stories… more please

  14. P. Oflust Says:

    Miss you! Let us get writing… xoxox

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