i’m working, sitting there and watching the body in front of me and


i’m back, last night, against that very wall.  the one just across from the door.  the one behind my back when i lackadaisically kissed you good night.


again watching my client and hoping they don’t notice that i just


kissed you and kind of stroked my tongue across yours so you made that little noise that i find both irritating and deeply arousing.  you made that little noise and your hands wandered down the sides of my tanktop even as i reached my arms behind you.

reached and ran my fingers up your back in a way that i knew incites you; and even then i wasn’t really there,  i was sleepy and tired and wanted you to go home so i could fall down and enjoy the silence.  fall down and close my eyes.  i was fantasizing about sleeping even while you were stroking my breasts and tickling my nipples.

i didn’t really notice the heaviness spreading through my pelvic floor or the little pulse, i just know that i found myself taking a step back to lean on the wall.  lean on the wall while you touched me freely and happily; a musician learning the shape of an instrument before he really gets down to playing her.  not trying to arouse… exactly.


went away.  i just went away and left them doing this exercise for god knows how long.  flustered i have them go into something known well, homework review i call it because i am not here today i am


just feeling your way through my clothing and down my legs.  a stroke along the crease of my bottom elicited a moan and a wriggle from me that i hardly noticed so lost was i in your kiss that hadn’t stopped.  that kiss that so easily captured my senses and dropped tingles into that place in my belly.  you know the place, it’s the one that swirls when someone with the good pheremones starts touching you.  the one you wish worked on command, just because.

i pulsed and wanted your magical hands on my skin.  i didn’t care that you were going home or that you had your shoes on; i didn’t care that i was exhausted and needed to pass out, i just wanted you to touch me without my damn top or my freaking floor length peasant skirt.

my skin wanted you to touch it, to keep touching it as you had been idly doing for some time.  to touch it with intent.

my skin wanted


today i am clearly not in the room.  today i am clearly in a daze.  every single time my glance strays to the wall opposite the door, the one in sight from the entire room i work in i just


wanted you to take it for your own and oh miracle of miracles you heard my silent plea and your large hands slid the fabric up my leg and you wasted not a second more before you were playing the centre of my body like it was the most exquisite guitar you’d ever played.

you stayed, your ears and mouth near mine to catch my every sighed breath and whimper and mewl.  your fingers danced on my clitoris and then up and inside my body as you alternately kissed me and listened to me gasp for breath.

my knees wobbled and i reached for your mouth even as you groaned your satisfaction and a rush of my own fluid moistened my leg.  i shuddered and pulsed into your hand and you just kept playing.  i blessed every second you had ever played a stringed instrument and proceeded to lose my mind.

i stood, legs wide and back against the wall as my pelvis rocked and shuddered and my abs quivered.  i stood with one of your hands on my breast and the other on clit or in my pussy or who knows where and shuddered and bucked against the wall while you straddled my legs with yours and held me there with your body.  i think you were even holding me upright because i know my knees weren’t working.

i felt my juices rush from my body and soak your hand and the delighted laugh you gave in response.  your tongue invaded my mouth before pulling back to dance, your lips melded to mine and pressing just hard enough.  our bodies made a circle of two and i gushed again, so much that i heard it splatter on the floor and i blushed and squirmed a little.

just a little because you were making that delighted noise and dancing on my clitoris with those magic fingers, evoking shudders and squeals from me and whole new piles of girl juice.  again and again i heard my liquit hit the floor, felt it in rivulets down my leg and then creeping to touch my bare feet as the puddle spread.

i flooded again at the thought of making an actual puddle.  making a puddle that spread again and even hit your boots i splashed so much. i might have felt bad for your boots if i could have thought anything past “ohmygodohmygodohmygod” which i couldn’t say because you were busy swallowing my gasps and sighs with that mouth of yours.

random thoughts were floating through my brain as endorphins flooded me and i continued to come and come on your magical hands.  my feet were slipping on the soaked tiles and still. still you played my body and danced it to your tune and i loved every second of it.

every single second.

and then you stopped.  stopped because that was surely enough and besides…

and you tore your mouth away from mine and dragged yourself regretfully away from my shuddering body and smiled sort of sadly as you reached for the door.  and then you laughed and said the solo wasn’t done yet and you came back in for one last

gasp and shudder and gush and gush again and tongue sweep and nipple squeeze and stroke and taste and pant and tremble and buck repeatedly until you’re glad your ass isn’t any skinnier and you don’t know how your knees haven’t given way and


i just can’t stay here today, i’m still living in last night.

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3 Responses to “blink”

  1. Greta Says:

    As first, as I read this – I read this as the sleepy recollections of a night as a tired call-girl. But as I read on I realized I was wrong.
    I love the next day.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ric Says:

    Oh MY..

    Welcome back. I had almost given up but I have always loved your wonderful descriptive writing and I am so glad to see it again, so glad you are having sex again, so glad to see you here again.


  3. Unbroken Says:

    I’m sure I blinked more than once while you were gone…but I am so glad to see you are back! And look at this…seems you are one happy girl. Exquisite picture…feelings…yes, it’s nice to see you’re back!

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