you said something to me the other day, in email.  said it and probably forgot it; i mean really, who thinks much about that kind of comment?  “I wish I had spent the afternoon in bed with you.  Bent over-ahh, love to see it slide into you and stretch you.”  that’s a little bit of nothing that is.

and yet.

and yet instantly i had an image of myself kneeling on the bench at the foot of the bed from our last hotel room.  a bench we never got around to using.  a bench that is very well padded and rests against a king size bed with lots of room for wet spots.  a bench that is the exact correct height for me to rest on as you pound me.

and i want you to pound me.  i don’t want you to be nice and gently and make love to me.  hell i don’t even care if you reach around with your hand and flick my clit

nope, i want you to take your giant cock and slam it into my dripping hole and then do it again and again and again until i’m mindless with lust and you’re so close to coming you can’t believe how hard and big you are as you watch yourself fuck me over and over again.

i want those heavy swinging testicles of yours to slap my clit with every shot, to slap and hit and tease until i’m so wet that not even a condom can suck the moisture out of my pussy.  so wet that i hear a wet slap every time you slide home.  so wet that anything that touches me is drenched and shiny from my juices.

i want you to hold my hips and fuck me like a blow up doll; fuck me like my pleasure is irrelevant to yours, like i’m just a convenient hole for you to use. fuck me and fuck me and fuck me again until i’m lost in a haze of pheremones and sex and you can do anything you like to me.

i can already feel your cock slamming into my throbbing and ready body; feel you stretching me and sinking yourself in to the root.  feel myself quivering and coming so hard around your cock that it’s all you can do not to come.  feel your fingers mashing my breasts hard enough to bruise and pinching my nipples between your thick fingers.

feel you using my body for your pleasure and hitting the roof of my vagina with every thrust.

i can even feel you greasing one of those thick fingers of yours in lube and shoving it hard and fast into my winking pink rosebud.  feel your finger sliding in and out in a rhythm that doesn’t quite match the thrusts of your giant cock.  feel you stretching my ass and knowing what you intend and still just screaming with lust and want.

feel you spreading my legs wider and wrapping an arm around my hips and then a second and driving me on and off your cock until suddenly, dripping with my juices, you pull out and slide your finger out of my anus at the same time.  i tense briefly, oh so briefly and then relax and you laugh and ready yourself.

you flirt with my rosebud, press in just a little and then release, press in a little and release.  i feel you squirt more lube, this one thicker and heavier and then with one hand around my hips and the other guiding your throbbing member you pull my quivering ass on to your cock.  slow, so slow you slide inch by long thick inch into my innocent little asshole.

inch by inch until i’m screaming and thrusting myself against you you slide yourself into my body.

i’m not sure i’ve ever felt so full in my life and still i feel your big heavy balls tickling my clit as you fuck my ass.

little gushers are erupting from my pussy now and trickling along my channel to my clit or rolling down my legs.  i feel my juices flowing from my body and find myself getting even more aroused at the thought that i am letting you use my body this way.

i hear you groan and mutter words of encouragement to me as you slide in and out of my very lubed and extremely tight ass.  i can’t even believe you got your giant member in there but oh god it feels so good.

i am so close, quivering and crying and ready to come  again and you reach around with those brutal fingers and mash my clit a little until i come, screaming and crying all over your still hard cock and feeling my asshole clench and release and try to milk you.  you laugh again and slowly, oh so slowly, drag your member from my body.

i hear the condom drop to the floor and another laugh before warm liquid spatters my back and anus and i come again just because i’m so sensitized now that your cum all over my body combined with that one brutal finger sends me back over the edge.

i feel it and i see it and i hear it and i smell it.  please please make it happen soon so i can live it!


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5 Responses to “bench”

  1. Ric Says:


    You are sooo hot, and your writing is so hot.. I am so glad you are back.


  2. Jack Says:

    This is good! I can smell it, too!

  3. question Says:

    Wow. Hott. I won’t read these outside of the bedroom!

  4. Annie Says:

    That was amazingly hot. Wonderful visual. I can practically feel it, and it makes me want it. BUT I want him to love me and for that to be obvious. I’ve had great sex with someone who didn’t, and it left me very cold afterwards. That emtional conection simply HAS to be there for me. My pleasure should be VERY relevant to him, with me much more than just an irrelevant hole. It’s too lonely otherwise, even with all that awesome action going on.

  5. She’s Back « Clearing My Head Again Says:

    […] here and read this. It’s lovely and long […]

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