the beast has awakened.

yesterday i had pheremone sex.  you know, the sex where technique doesn’t matter because there’s so much damn chemistry that if he looks at you sideways you’re going off.  pheremone sex, where you kiss and the earth slows down because suddenly all you can do in the world is kiss.

where somehow there you are against the wall of your entrance way with your shirts off and your hands down his pants and your pussy dripping all over his fingers.  you can’t even move your pelvis you’re so locked in to the moment and the movement of each other’s hands.  your jeans are sitting about three inches lower than his hands and your legs are spread as wide as you can make them.  his pants are off just enough that you can almost stroke his balls but not quite.

clothing is all over the floor around you and he begs to taste you.  how do you say no with lust raging and juices flowing?  with breath dropped deep in your chest and legs shaking and pussy pulsing all you can do is moan your acquiescence and then somehow, somehow you’re naked on your bed with a man doing things to your body that should be illegal.

things that would most certainly arouse if another man were doing them but that here, here because of the crazy chemistry that comes along so rarely, here you’re flying and coming practically before his mouth hits your throbbing clit.

somehow you have to fuck him.  of course you do after he finishes so sweetly with a tiny little kiss to the tip of your clitoris.   a tiny little tender kiss of thanks to your body for allowing him to feast and play.

of course you have to fuck him, you have to fuck him and you feel your body quicken and shake and your eyes meet and you just know that if you keep doing this the two of you will have the most earth shattering sex of your lives.  it won’t be today, today is still new and unsure and nerves and potential.  it’s all there, you can feel it waiting just there at the edge of the pretty awesome sex you’re having *right now*

you can feel the future sex, the wonder and the awe and the ease of it.  the way your bodies will fit and flow with each other… the way they already do and yet with so much more to come.  somehow, while you’re having the awesome sex you’re also feeling the future sex and you very nearly come together it’s so damn amazing to find a partner who plays that tune with your body.

a partner where the duet is better than the sum of two solos.  a partner who likes to dance your body like a violinist playing a concerto will naturally inspire so much from the instrument in question after all.

but, you see, once is never enough.

once is simply the spark that lights the pilot that allows the stove to turn on.

the whetting of the whistle.

the turn of the key to turn the starter to turn the motor to start the car.

oh dear god the beast is awake

the beast is awake and my body is throbbing and all i want is him inside me again and again and again in any way you can imagine.  i want to use his body and be used by him and cry and moan and sob and gag and scream with him and i want it yesterday!

i haven’t even tasted him yet!  wrapped my mouth around his luscious cock and heard him pant and moan and groan as i worship his cock and ravish him with my hands and mouth.  i haven’t even claimed him yet and all i can imagine is more and more and more…

oh my universe, the beast is awake.

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3 Responses to “beast”

  1. Ric Says:

    Your writing is always so evocative of mental images, so informed by your intimate knowledge of physicality…..
    I have loved your writing from the very first that I discovered it. and I have been saddened by your apparent lack of a lover, or at least the lack of writing about exciting times that implied that.
    Great post… looking forward to hearing about that first time sucking, and the first time you have wild intercourse, and…. and …. and…..

  2. badinfluencegirl Says:

    thank you, i always treasure your comments… no i’ve had some terrible sex and some decent sex with men who turn out to be dicks…

    well if such things happen i’ll tell you about it

    • Jaqueline Says:

      Thank You, thank you, THANK YOU !!!Had to work on HullabaLOU weekend, so this is gr8, alsmot makes up for missing you and I did respond to the “Why the Villebillies should play next year again” request y’all made ! Thanks again, a fan from the 1st time I heard ya on the radio !! DJX99.7 Y’all ROCK!VA:F [1.9.15_1155]please wait…VA:F [1.9.15_1155](from 0 votes)

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